9 Excellent Middle School Math Textbooks with Solutions

9 Excellent Middle School Math Textbooks with Solutions

This is a well presented set of middle school math texts for 6th, 7th and 8th grades put a smile on my face when I discovered them. Each one has well explained and easy to understand solutions to the problems taught, along with embedded videos. You can access each of these math textbooks with either better or less quality graphics, depending on your choice of file size as seen in the file name in the dropbox folder linked above. For some more advanced topics in algebra, please see our posts: 62 Algebra References, Reviews and Cheat Sheets and 36 More Algebra References, Reviews and Cheat Sheets.

Grade 6 Contents:

  1. Number Sense and Variable Expressions
  2. Statistics and Measurement
  3. Addition and Subtraction of Decimals
  4. Multiplication and Division of Decimals
  5. Number Patterns and Fractions
  6. Addition and Subtraction of Fractions
  7. Multiplication and Division of Fractions
  8. Geometric Figures
  9. Geometry and Measurement
  10. Integers
  11. Equations and Functions; Probability

Grade 7 Contents:

  1. Algebraic Thinking
  2. Using Decimals
  3. Using Fractions
  4. Using Integers
  5. Using Ratios, Rates and Proportions
  6. Using Percents
  7. Equations, Inequalities and Functions
  8. Geometry
  9. Distance and Area
  10. Surface Area and Volume
  11. Data and Statistics
  12. Probability

Grade 8 Contents:

  1. Using Algebra
  2. Using Rational Numbers
  3. Single Variable Equations and Inequalities
  4. Applying Proportions
  5. Applying Percents
  6. Geometry and Transformations
  7. Using Real Numbers and Right Triangles
  8. Measurement, Area and Volume
  9. Linear Functions and Graphs
  10. Analyzing Data
  11. Using Probability
  12. Polynomials; Quadratic, Exponential Functions

9 Excellent Middle School Math Textbooks with Solutions

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  1. Hey there! Great post on these middle school math textbooks! I appreciate all of the content on this website, thanks so much.


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